About Us

The volunteer driver service was set up to support people who need transport to attend their chemotherapy appointments at the hospital.

Drivers who sign up to the service are not only doing a couple of drives a month, they are becoming part of a remarkable team of volunteers, without whom many people with cancer simply would not get to their treatments. This access to free transport taking people to and from chemotherapy treatments, removes the stress, difficulty and financial burden of travelling at a challenging time.

There are a many reasons why someone with cancer may need to use the Volunteer Driver Service; their doctor has advised them not to drive, they may live alone and have no family in the immediate vicinity. Perhaps their family and friends are unable to take time off work. In any of these cases, they can rely on local support in the form of our wonderful fleet of Volunteer Drivers.

The service is available in 26 hospitals nationwide. In 2019 the Society’s 1,200 drivers brought 1,684 patients to and from 16,273 appointments, covering over 1.4 million kilometres. Now in its twelfth year of the national rollout of the service, demand for the service continues to grow. You are becoming part of a community network, helping some of the most vulnerable clients we have in the Society – thank you! The staff team at the Cancer Society are dedicated to co-ordinating the drives for clients and supporting you in your role.